• The school expects the Parents co-operation to ensure that:
    • • The children come to School punctually and regularly, and are neatly and properly dressed.
    • • The children’s text and exercise books are correctly labelled and brought to school as per the school time table. These should be properly maintained.
    • • Homework and practice exercises are regularly done and children follow an early to bed routine on week days.
  • Parents are also expected to abide by the School rules and take an active interest in the activities of the school.
  • Parents are informed that their children will be sent home for coming late to school after four recorded instances of being late.
  • Parents are requested to notify the school immediately if there is any change in the residence address, mobile number or travel arrangements.
  • When communicating with the Principal, parents are requested to mention in their letters the name, class and section of their child/children.
  • Any message for a teacher or student may be given to the school receptionist, who will be glad to pass it on to the person concerned. Only in an emergency, will the teacher or student be called, from the classroom.
  • Parents may not meet the students during school hours. In case the child has to be collected during school hours e.g. for a doctor’s appointment, a leave application must be submitted in advance and prior permission obtained.
  • All articles found on the school premises will be placed in the lost and found box. Students may claim these during school hours. Please label all items of clothing belonging to your child. This makes lost articles easier to trace. Articles not claimed are given away to the needy at the end of the first term and at the end of the session.
  • As the medium of instruction in this school is English, parents are requested to ensure that there is a certain amount of regular English Conversation at home. This would help the children to follow their lessons easily.
  • Valuables are not allowed on the school premises and the school is not responsible for any loss or damage. Children are not permitted to wear any jewellery in school. If they are found doing so, it will be confiscated.
  • Students are prohibited from bringing mobile phones, digital diaries, i-pods and cameras to the school.
  • Parents are requested to ensure that the students bring their tiffins in the morning. In the interest of security, tiffin/lunch packets & water bottles sent later will not be accepted.
  • On very special occasions “Mehndi’ could be applied as a ’Shagun’. However, only a small motif on the palm of the hand is permitted. Elaborate application of ‘Mehndi’ on hands and arms is not allowed. A fine of Rs.500/- will be levied.
  • Girls with long hair must plait it into two braids using sky blue ribbons. Girls with short hair must wear a sky blue band.
  • Boys with short hair must take a haircut regularly. Trendy hair styles are not prohibited.
  • Chewing gum or carrying gum to school is strictly prohibited. A fine of Rs. 200/- will be levied.
  • Students should not bring expensive stationery to school.
  • In case any rule is not adhered to, especially regarding uniform, the child will be sent back home.
  • Counsellor shall be available to parents for which prior appointment must be taken.

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